Jared Sternberg is a Furniture Designer that focuses on the artistic design and the ability of every day furniture.   Furniture, being used in everyday life, is suppose to make a persons life easier and make a room feel more comfortable.  He tries to create furniture to suit everyones needs.  Jared’s work concentrates on transforming furniture, integrating different types of furniture, making site specific furniture to fit a room,  and lighting work.   Jared also likes to go green by using recycled materials to create some of his work.  He uses woodworking skills not only for furniture, but also games, dishware, and for 2 dimensional art like painting and drawing.   Furniture is incorporated in everyone’s world, whether they are at the office or at home and it will always be adapting to a busy life.   

Jared was born in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio in a city called Beachwood.  Starting his educational career, he moved to Michigan to get a BFA degree with a concentration in Furniture Design at Eastern Michigan University.  Jared has shown his work in mainly group exhibitions gallery shows at Eastern Michigan University and in Detroit. After graduating Jared wants to explore woodworking and improve on his skills.